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Ahh…the momentous first blog post.  What shall I start with?  Perhaps with a statement of what this blog is about.  Somehow, over the years, the word “Christian” has become synonymous with the word “conservative”.  Christians are a diverse people, from every imaginable background and with a huge spectrum of beliefs and wildly differing views.  Somehow though, many people seem to now think they know who we are, simply because of the label Christian, or they think because of some other aspect of our life, (we support gay marriage *gasp* or believe in evolution *another gasp*) that we can’t be Christian.  Christian does not mean conservative, Christian does not mean prejudiced, Christian doesn’t mean biased, Christian doesn’t mean ill-informed.  Many of us who call ourselves Christian, are increasingly struggling with our faith and the role it plays in our lives.  Not only do we go through the struggles, which people of all faiths have gone through for centuries, of trying to reconcile our faith, our beliefs, and our religion’s teachings with the world we live in and how we live our lives, but increasingly, we are finding ourselves out of place in the world we are living in.  Some of us feel that we don’t belong in the evangelical camp because of our political or personal beliefs (or are tired of people making assumptions about our faith or our ideas based on the other).  And some of us feel that maybe we don’t quite fit in a fully secular world, where religion is now often seen as a fundamentalist force, where faith is now associated with bigotry.  So, to this end, there will now be this blog.  This blog might look at news articles and comment on them, it might talk about relevant books, it might reference personal experiences or observations about faith’s role in life in America in this era, it might talk about Bible passages and how they relate to our personal struggles, it might comment on political dialogue and how we can look at the issues through a Christian lens.  And I will say now, that as this is a blog, it will be my opinion on these matters.  This is not to say that it is the right view, or that other views are wrong, it is simply my own.  So cheers!
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