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I’ve read several articles about Trump supporters since the election.  I’m operating on the assumption (not shared by all) that all Trump voters are not evil and many of whom must have had some sort of rational, however misguided, reason for voting for someone both so staggeringly unqualified and incompetent, while also espousing truly despicable views.

Now, while there are plenty of people whose justifications are patently (if not always knowingly) sexist, racist, paranoid…there are a lot of people (who appear, for lack of a better word, normal) whose main concern seems to be the economy or healthcare, which feeds into an overriding feeling that the system just isn’t working for them.  Their concerns and rhetoric aren’t conservative; all of this mirrors a lot of the language of supporters of Bernie Sanders, another outsider candidate arguing for change.  There were a lot of people who were sympathetic to both Bernie and Trump, a confluence that really made almost no sense to many of us from a policy perspective.
Ironically, I found one of the best models for me understanding what I’m seeing to be Game of Thrones (yes, that probably means we’re in trouble).  I was explaining this quote of Dany’s to my dad to illustrate the point.  In Westeros (aka America), all the different great house are fighting each other and going round and round in a rise and fall of power (“Lannister, Baratheon, Stark…they’re all just spokes on a wheel…first that one’s on top then that one’s on top and on and on it goes) and Dany’s point is that she’s not planning on stopping the wheel or making sure she’s on top, she’s planning on breaking the wheel.  I think that’s what a lot of working-class voters were trying to do with Trump.  Democrat, Republican, Democrat, Bush, Clinton, Bush…it all just seems to keep spinning for people and despite whatever claims of change, people aren’t feeling that things are truly getting fixed.  I think a lot of people voted for Trump because they see him as the hammer to break the system…and they didn’t particularly care what tool they had to use because they were willing to do anything that might work.  They’re not die-hard Trump supporters; a lot of them don’t even seem to like him that much.  It’s desperate and dangerous, but I do admit that I sympathize, on some level, with the feeling that our government has completely stopped working in our interests, has stopped advocating for and supporting the voters, and is operating on a system that, if it benefits anyone, it certainly isn’t the average person.  Things get fixed, things get broken, and people still feel, overall, that they’re stuck in a cycle that has no end.

I’m not defending their choice, but providing a way of trying to understand the thinking of another segment of our community.


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