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We’ve heard it after all sorts of speeches, it’s one of politicians’ favorite lines.  Is it, though, in fact disrespectful to God?  There are several issues in play.  First, is that it implies that God should bless America over other countries or Americans over other people.  If we believe that all of us are God’s children and that He loves us all equally, shouldn’t we be asking God for his blessing on the whole world and everyone who lives in it instead of some exclusionary blessing for just America?  The second, and the thing that I think is really the problem with this statement is that it’s phrased as an order.  God bless America.  It’s an order, telling God what he should do.  Wouldn’t it be better to say “May God bless America”?  Shouldn’t it be phrased as a request or as a hope, rather than a command.   God, as the king of heaven and earth, shouldn’t be treated with such arrogance as to be told what to do.


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